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Welcome to the Jacob Westerhof Family Descendents website. Jacob Westerhof, born about 1748 in Windesheim, Netherlands, became a schoolmaster, married and raised three boys:  Jan Westerhof (1790-1858), Petrus Westerhof (1792-1883), and Jeene Westerhof (1795-1884). Eventually, two families of his youngest son immigrated to America: the Albertus Westerhof (1822-1909) family arrived and settled in Michigan in 1865, while the Jacob Westerhof (1816-1895) family settled in New Jersey in 1871. Many of Jacob’s other descendents still live in the Netherlands. Because of marriages, many last names have changed over the years, which made it difficult to trace the names of children in later generations.

Have fun exploring this website by using the Navigation Bar on the left. There is not a Brief Bio for all of Jacob’s descendents, only those that have either provided me with a Biography, or those I wrote based on available information and interviews. If you are related to Jacob and wish to add a Brief Bio, please Contact me.

Sources: Most of the information gathered in these pages was obtained from the Internet, historical reference books at the library, legal documents, and from obituaries.

Disclaimer: There may be errors that require correction. The web page Changes will indicate any corrections or changes made to the web site, allowing you to track any changes since your last visit to the website. You can also help me complete the Jacob’s Descendents page and the Brief Biographies. Please use the Contact tab to let me know of any corrections, changes or biographies you would like to post to the website.

Pictures: Eventually I will add more Pictures of our ancestors or locations of interest. Please use the Contact tab to email any pictures you wish to have published on this website, including a brief description of the picture.

I would especially like to thank Sunny Snyder and my wife, Donna, for their continued help and support in completing this project.

Jeff Westerhoff

Jacob Westerhof Family Historian